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Welcome to "Journal of Accessible Sciences".    Studying fossils is an accessible activity for everyone.
A dedicated outing to find fossilized remains of a large, Cretaceous-Period marine animal.
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Illustration 1: Artist rendition of Plesiosaur. These "near-reptiles" lived (and died) during a 107 million-year-period beginning in the Jurassic
Finding Fossils: Critical Coincidence
Millions of years' events must line up perfectly if we are to find fossils.
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Illustration 1: Important concurrent events:  Our arrival on the scene must coincide with the fossil having been exposed through erosion and before its deterioration.
The Elusive Eagle Sandstone Fossils
Gary Burgess finds an abundance of fossils in a geologic member where others find none.
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Figure 1: The white matrix is an exposure of the Eagle Sandstone in Central Montana.